Corporate workshops

Do your employees face clients or the public on a regular basis? Are they asked to present or pitch? If so, public speaking coaching could be invaluable to them and to your business.

My ‘Superpowered Speaking’ workshop will give your employees the skills they need to write powerful speeches, engage and persuade their audiences.

Superpowered Speaking
Win over audiences by turbo-charging your speaking

  • Three hour session (including breaks) for groups of 6-30.       
  • Focus on conquering nerves, writing and delivering persuasive speeches.    .
  • Designed to suit beginners and more experienced speakers.
  • Interactive workshop packed with activities.
  • Tailored with content to suit to your business.
  • Competitive fee.

I ensure that my workshops are practical and enjoyable. Your staff will come away with increased confidence and a range of strategies for working on their speaking.

Who is James Evans?

I’m a professional public speaking coach specialising in humour, but also keen to help speakers find their authentic and authoritative public speaking voices. I’ve done coaching work for organisations including TEDx and Toastmasters International.

“James ran an excellent public speaking workshop for our members. The session was highly practical, interactive, fun and engaging. The feedback has been great and we are very pleased to continuing our partnership with James.” Karin Killander, Second Home

“His in-depth guidance and incisive yet nurturing feedback clearly draws on a wealth of real-world experience.” Miles Pool, Zuhlke Engineering

“James instilled confidence in some of our brightest students with his workshop. He is also thoroughly professional and reliable. I highly recommend him.” Tom Smith, InvestIN

Follow-up sessions can be arranged for delegates at a special rate.

If you’re interested in providing your employees with training they will really value click here to contact me for a free no-obligation consultation.